Simple yet Powerful Money Management App


Budget Planner is a personal financial assistant helping you in tracking and planning your money and it just fits in your pocket. 

BP was designed by people with a great passion to create the easiest tool for money management, where user interface has the simplest way to organise your budget thoughts in seconds while doing it with fun.


BP has a structure of 4 Levels to manage your budget, but don’t worry most of it is estimated automatically.

  • First Level (Highest) - Yearly Dashboard - Automatic Estimation (No Input from you)

  • Monthly Dashboard - Automatic Estimation (No Input from you)

  • Expense / Income Category Level - Semiautomatic Estimation (Your Input). This is where you populate your expenses like apartment, loan, grocery, etc. You can create any category you want, and write them in seconds with copy tool.

  • Subcategory Level (Lowest) - Manual Entry (Optional). If you would like to detail your categories, then you can use this option, as an example a category apartment might have gas, water, electricity, internet, etc. subcategories. This helps you to group your categories and control your budget more precisely.





You can easily input and manage your income or expenses. All the expenses and income are displayed in one page that you can manage them easily.





BP has all required features for you to analyse and control your budget. These features are combination of different ways to represent your expenses, like pie charts, line charts, percentage breakdown, yearly breakdown, etc.





Forecast was designed to provide you the most descriptive method to plan your savings. Forecast tool helps you to interpolate or “project” your spendings dynamic over years, For example if you planned for an abroad travel in 2 years time, based on current spendings dynamic you can estimate how much you can save in this 2 years.  





  • Simple and User-Friendly interface 


  • Flexible Timeline


  • 4 Levels Breakdown Estimation


  • Yearly Line Chart Dashboard


  • Monthly Pie Chart Dashboard


  • Expenses and Income Percentage Breakdown


  • Overall Spendings Dashboard


  • Expenses and Income Copy Tool


  • PC Data Export


  • Customisable expenses and income categories / subcategories


  • Customisable Interface (10 Uniquely Designed Themes)


  • Forecast Tool


  • Password Protection


  • Smart Notifications


  • User Manual (Help)





We are constantly trying to improve Budget Planner App, If you have any suggestions please send us a message to



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BP - Budget Planner & Savings Calculator in one place

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