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Your finance personal assistant!

Use it to track, control, analyse & plan your money. 

A simple and elegant currency converter!

Use it to get latest currency exchanges rates. 

Finwizor is easy-to-use and you are only ever just a few taps away from getting your expenditure back on track!

Custom Workouts!

Voice your workout with Siri!

Punch Drunk delivers all the fun of boozing but without the hangover. How slyly can you sink the drink?

Train your brains with this fun math game!

Discontinued Apps

Response is the best app where you can find tons of interesting and provocative polls and questions. We spent months manually choosing the best stuff for you! There are no registration forms, so that all the comments or polls you create are completely anonymous. Here you can share your true opinion or create polls and ask things you really want to! 

Everybody loves secrets. Everybody has secrets, Some people are very anxious about keeping them safe, but even they wan't to share their moments. Enjoy! Most vivid moments of real lives are here for you. Read them, feel them and share yours.