Secrets – read real life stories,

share private moments of your life and stay anonymous

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Do you love secrets? Do you have some? Do you want to share them? Spill. Nobody will ever know it is you but everyone will read and feel this moment with you. Absolutely anonymous, hilarious and exciting!


Each of us has got something happened in our lives that we are afraid to share even with our closest friends or family. Maybe there are dark moments you hide somewhere on the bottom of your heart. Perhaps there are moments when you did something crazy and stupid and dumb and you just don’t want everyone to know it was you. Maybe you love weird stuff and you can’t speak about it but goddamned you want to so bad?! We made Secrets for you.


Share every secret you have – good or bad or funny or disgusting or horny or cats or… .

Secrets is safer than friends and cheaper than visiting a shrink!


Here you can:

  • Read secrets

  • Share secrets

  • Leave comments

  • Track your favs list

  • A bit of customizing

  • Completely anonymous

And if you like this app - please tell what you think! We will be happy to make updates and add some more functions.


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